Vacation Rental Housekeeping Consulting


• Planning and organizing your Housekeeping Department.
• Create and implement procedures specific for your company.
• Interviewing and recruiting services available.
• Housekeeping and the Front Office
• Housekeeping and Maintenance
• Team Building
• Piece Rate Development
• Create a Standard Property Appearance.
• Sub-contractor vs Employee analysis.
• Creation of housekeeping department manual.

Housekeeper Training:

• One-on-One or small group training for your housekeepers.
• Create Housekeeping duties and responsibilities.
• Help in identifying Housekeepers responsibilities.
• Team Cleaning.

Housekeeping Compliance

• OSHA Regulations
• OSHA Hazard Communications Standard
• Hazardous Chemicals and Blood borne Pathogen requirements.

Managing Inventories

• Linens
• Cleaning supplies
• Guest supplies